Soft Line - NL-3, White/Light Grey (Beige) - Lebesque

Soft Line - NL-3, White/Light Grey (Beige)

This hand-woven modern connection is made from a mix of wool, viscose and cotton. The rugs are available in 3 colours, 3 standard sizes and in the colours light grey and white/light grey. They are made from 60% wool, 20% viscose and 20% cotton, whereas the last colour – beige/grey – is made from 80% viscose and 20% cotton. As mentioned, the collection is hand-woven, but if you take a close look at the rugs, you will see that a special weaving technique has been used … so-called small loops, which add an extra detail to the, otherwise, tranquil and undemonstrative pattern.

Collecties: All, Design, Rezas

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